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MS7188D - Matsonic MS7188D CPU Board Simple Type: CPU Board

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Matsonic MS7188D CPU Board Simple Type: CPU Board

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  • Supports 66MHz, 100MHz or 133MHz Front-Side Bus
  • Supports FCPGA Celeron, FCPGA Pentium III and Tualatin/Tualatin Celeron CPUs


  • AC97 Codec: Compliant AC97 2.1 specification
  • AC97 Codec: Supports 18-bit ADC (Analog Digital Converter) and DAC(Digital Analog Converter) as well as 18-bit stereo fullduplex codec
  • Built-in Graphics System: 2 to 8 MB frame buffer use system memory
  • Built-in Graphics System: Onboard 64-bit 2D/3D graphic engine and Video Accelerator with advanced DVD video
  • Built-in Graphics System: Supports high resolutions up to 1600x1200
  • Bundled Software: 3Deep delivers the precise imagery and displays accurate color in your monitor
  • Bundled Software: MediaRing Talk provides PC to PC or PC to Phone internet phone communication
  • Bundled Software: PC-Cillin2000 provides automatic virus protection under Windows 95/98/NT/2000
  • Bundled Software: SuperVoice is data,fax and voice communication software
  • Bundled Software: WinDVD2000 is a DVD playback application (optional)
  • Dimensions: Micro ATX form factor (24.4cm x 19cm)
  • Expansion Slots: One 8/16-bit ISA slot.
  • Expansion Slots: One AMR slot for a special audio/modem riser card
  • Expansion Slots: Three 32-bit PCI slots for PCI 2.2-compliant bus interface.
  • Hardware Monitoring: Built-in hardware monitoring for CPU & System temperatures, fan speeds and mainboard voltages
  • Memory Support: Maximum installed memory is 2 x 512MB
  • Memory Support: Support for 100/133 MHz memory bus
  • Memory Support: Two DIMM slots for 168-pin SDRAM memory modules
  • Onboard Flash ROM: Automatic board configuration support Plug and Play of peripheral devices and expansion cards
  • Onboard I/O Ports: Floppy disk drive connector with 1Mb/s transfer rate
  • Onboard I/O Ports: One infrared port connector for optional module
  • Onboard I/O Ports: One parallel port with ECP and EPP support
  • Onboard I/O Ports: One serial ports with 16550-compatible fast UART
  • Onboard I/O Ports: Provides PC99 Color Connectors for easy peripheral device connections
  • Onboard I/O Ports: Two PS/2 ports for keyboard and mouse
  • Onboard I/O Ports: Two USB ports, and optional two USB ports module
  • Onboard IDE channels: Primary and Secondary PCI IDE channels
  • Onboard IDE channels: Support for PIO modes, Bus Mastering and Ultra DMA 33/66/100 modes
  • Power Supply and Power Management: ACPI and previous PMU support, suspend switch
  • Power Supply and Power Management: ATX power supply connector
  • Power Supply and Power Management: Supports Wake on LAN and Wake on Alarm



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